Introducing GC, RW, BW Karabel's Peekaboo
Peekaboo has done Karabel proud during the 2014/15 show season!
This beautiful boy was a pleasure to show and we knew from the very start that he was a special boy.
Despite a few bumps in the road at the beginning he came back to show us what was always there!
We couldn't be happier and look forward to his kittens this year.


Introducing our latest Grand Champion, GC Parti Wai Ex Box Car Willie. Willie granded at the Kittyhawk Felines Cat Show on Feb 21/15. We would like to thank all the judges that overlooked Willie's shyness at the shows and saw the beauty that was beneath. Not every cat is comfortable in a show environment but that does not mean they are not deserving. It takes a little extra time for a judge to handle a cat like Willie and we are grateful that enough judges could see the balance and refinement of this lovely boy.
Congratulations Willie, you did it!!


GC Karabel's Serendipity @ 8 months
As of August 23rd, 2014 Serendipity is still #1 Kitten Nationally!


GC Karabel's Jeepers Creepers
What a face!!! His looks and his personality won the judges over time and time again. How could they resist! He was best kitten numerous times and was a one show grand at Garden State earning 400 points!! Jeepers is a repeat breeding to Peekaboo (below). We love both these boys and couldn't be happier!!


Presenting GC Karabel's Peekaboo (Sire: GC JKZoo DJ Venture of Laureden, Dam: GC Karabel's Bibiddi Bobiddi Blue)
Our porky 9 pounder has lived up to all our expectations and more!
This boy has a beautiful broad head, huge expressive wide set eyes, thick neck and awesome body;
as if that wasn't enough, he also has been blessed with the most incredible personality that is beyond words!
Peek was highest scoring cat in championship at the GLR regional show which was also his first show as a grand.
We couldn't be more proud!


Introducing GC Karabel's Serendipity (Scoreboard dated August 2/14 - #1 Kitten Nationally!!)
Cream Point LH Himalayan, (Sire: GC Karabel's Splendido, Dam: GC, NW Karabel's Heavenly Bliss DM)
Serendipity was awarded Best Kitten many times, including highest scoring kitten in show at Garden State!
He finished his kitten show career with a very impressive number of points!
He also achieved his Grand title at the age of 8 months in one Show!!!
We are extremely proud of this beauty!!
Professional photo above!


Introducing GC Karabel's Calendar Girl
Our most recent grand!
This pretty girl with the big expression is part of our exotic program.
Sire: GC JKZoo DJ Venture of Laureden
Dam: CH Karabel's Sweet Caroline


Introducing GC Karabel's Incredible Hulk at 9 months of age.
Sire: Ivy Cat Linebacker of Karabel
Dam: GC Karabel's Firework
This boy will be bred to our short hair exotic girls.
We are hoping his incredible body and boning will be an asset to our colour pointed exotic line.
Hulk was awarded 3rd best long hair cat as an open in Betty White's speciality final at the world show!


We are so proud to introduce GC, RW Devanchire My Desire of Karabel
Desi is now a grand champion and a regional winner!!
Cream Lynx Point Male at 8 months of age
This boy will be a wonderful addition to the Karabel lines. He has the body we love so much and the extra cute expression that is so important on both Himalayans and Exotics. Short, short, short with a flat back is the only way we can describe him. His face, ear set, doming and expressive eyes are just icing on the cake. He is hopefully going to be a regional kitten winner.
Thank you Kimera for this wonderful boy!


GC, RW Karabel's Get This Party Started (GPS)
Flame Point Male
14th Best Cat in the GLR for the 2013/2014 show year & 2nd best Himalayan nationally!!
Sire: GC Purring Army Acapulco of Karabel
Dam: CH Karabel's Lady Marmalade
Amongst other qualities, we love the facial expression of this boy!
GPS is presently Best Himalayan Nationally in Championship for the current year!


This picture shows his incredible body type. We love very short cobby cats that sit low on stocky legs
and have a broad chest with a flat back. GPS certainly fits this description perfectly.


Introducing GC, RW Karabel's Pucker Up Buttercup
Cream Point Female
Buttercup is the 10th best kitten in the GLR for the 2013/2014 show year!
Sire: Karabel Butter Me Up
Dam: GC, NW Karabel's Heavenly Bliss
Both Buttercup and her brother, Mr. Sandman (picture on my adopted page), became Grand Champions at the
National Capital Cat Show, bringing the total number of Grands for Heavenly Bliss up to 6, earning her D.M.
Congrats to all 3!!!


We are very proud to introduce Karabel Delizioso (aka ZoZo)
Blue-cream Point Exotic Female at 5 1/2 months of age
This girl is so balanced with her short cobby body, short tail and tiny ears
ZoZo has received numerous Best Kitten wins and we are now working on a regional win for her!
ZoZo is now a Grand Champion!! Congratulations!!


Introducing Karabel Get This Party Started (aka GPS)
Flame Point Male at 6 months of age
Sire: GC Purring Army Acapulco of Karabel
Dam: Ch Karabel's Lady Marmalade


GC Karabel Baby's Got Blue Eyes @ 9 months of age


GC Karabel Baby's Got Blue Eyes
Sire: GC, NW, BW Devanchire What Dreams May Come
Dam: Purring Army Flower Aroma


GC Karabel's Firework
Sire: GC, NW, BW Devanchire What Dreams May Come
Dam: GC, NW Karabel's Heavenly Bliss


Introducing Karabel's Day Dream Believer
Cream Point Himalayan Female
Deedee has now earned a spot as a regional winner in the Great Lakes Region placing 24th! This well balanced girl is a pleasure to show.


Karabel's R U Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
Flame Lynx Point Exotic Male
Naughty has achieved many best kitten wins and is now a regional winner, placing 17th in the Great Lakes Region! We are very proud of this beautiful boy!!


Big congratulation to Julie Jones for granding these 2 littermate exotics. GP Karabel's Rufus Lee - 1 show grand at the Cat'n on the Fox show March 20/11, and
GP Karabel's Franki Bleu - 2 show grand at the Cat'n on the Fox show March 25/12. Franki is the 5th Grand for Karabel's Miss Scarlett of Peppurrz, making her a DM!!
Thank you Julie!!!


Our latest Grand Champion, a two show grand at 8 months of age, Karabel's Kissme Kate of Kopy Kapp (photo at 6 months)
I would sincerely like to thank Jerilyn and Kole Kapp for showing Kisses in such beautiful condition and never losing hope! You did it!!!


Karabel's Pretty Pretty Please
Seal Point LH Exotic (Photo @ 6 months of age)
Little Miss Pippa has received numerous Best Kitten wins!!
She is now a regional winner!!!....16th in the Great Lakes Region.
Latest news!!.....Pippa is now a grand champion!! She achieved this win on Feb. 4th at the Columbus show at the age of 8 months!!!
Way to go!!


GRP Karabel's Tahitian Pearl
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby
Owned and beautifully shown by Diana Wardrope
Tia is now a regional winner in the Great Lakes Region, placing 8th!!!....Thank you Diana!!


GC, RW Karabel No Regrets & GC, RW Karabel Causing A Commotion
Both of these beautiful cats were sired by CH Karabel's Smooth Operator (now living in Italy)


Karabel's Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue, Blue Point Female @ 7 months of age
Boo Boo is one of the most entertaining cats I have ever shown!! She enjoys every minute and never tires of getting onto the judging table just waiting for her turn to perform!!
She is presently working on grand points and later will be part of our exotic program.
Well, our crazy Boo is now a Grand!! She went head to head with Gretta and still managed to be a 2 show grand!! We are very proud of this exciting long hair exotic!!


Introducing Karabel Causing a Commotion (photo @ 7 months of age)
Sire: CH Karabel's Smooth Operator
Dam: GC Karabel's Pocket Full-of-Sunshine
Commotion is now a grand champion (2 shows!)
Watch for Como in the new show season!!


Karabel No Regrets (Gretta)
Tortie Point at 6 months of age
Sire: CH Karabel's Smooth Operator
Dam: CH Karabel's Sapphire
Gretta has received numerous Best Kitten wins and we are hoping to achieve a regional win!!


Announcing our new Grand Champion!!
Lola earned 180 points at the Quebec show held October 8th & 9th, 2010 making her a 2 show grand!!
In addition, she was Best Cat in the top 10 finals in 2 rings!!
We are very proud of this very balanced sweet girl!


Karabel Her Name is Lola
Tortie Point at 8 months of age.
CH Loralyn's Dream Maker of Karabel x GC NW Karabel's Heavenly Bliss
Lola finished her kitten career with a very impressive point score!


Introducing our 1st color pointed exotic Grand Champion and Regional Winner, GC RW Karabel's Dolly Madison (Tortie Lynx Point)
Sire: GC RW Kittystone's Nico
Dam: GC Karabel's Miss Scarlet of Peppurrz
I wish to express my sincere gratitute to Maddie's other Mommy, Marg Peppler, who without her none of this would have been possible!!
I'm also forever grateful to Lynn Johanson for the honour of having GC RW Kittystone's Nico (her Sire) as my guest for the past year and a half!!
I also would like to thank the judges that admired Maddie and helped us achieve our goal (which wasn't always easy with a female in spring), especially Hope Gonano who cheered her on right to the very end!!


GC RW Karabel's Heartbreaker
Flame Point Male
Heartbreaker is the 20th best kitten in the Great Lakes Region!!
He is now producing beautiful kittens and will soon be going to live with Tammy Lewis!!


Introducing Grand Champion, National Winner Karabel's Heavenly Bliss
Heavenly Bliss was 13th Best Kitten Nationally during the 2008/2009 show season! She was also the best Himalayan kitten in CFA!
Bliss earned her Grand Championship in one show at 8 months of age at the Lockport NY show on Jan. 2nd & 3rd 2009.
We are so proud of our girl!!


Karabel's Heavenly Bliss at 6 months of age.
This photo was taken at the Cotton States show in Georgia on Nov. 1st & 2nd where
she received 2 Best Kitten wins with over a 100 kittens present!!


Introducing GC, BW, NW Devanchire's What Dreams May Come
It is with great pleasure that I welcome Dreamer and I am honoured to be able to share him with his breeder Kimera Hoga!!!
Special thanks to Kimera for entrusting me with this magnificant boy!!


We are pleased to announce 4 new Karabel Grands!!! At the Syracuse New York Show on Sept. 23rd we came home with 3 new grands all from this one show!! How exciting to be able to finish Granding Karabel's Gee Whiz, Karabel's Illusion, and Karabel's Oh Brother all at the same show! In addition Karabel's Pixie Dust achieved her Grand title at the previous show in Birch Run Michigan on Sept. 2nd!! Congrats to all!!


Karabel's Gee Whiz at 7 months
What a presence this adorable boy has on the show bench! He is as sweet as he looks.
Whiz completed his kitten career with a very impressive score,


GC Karabel's Illusion (aka Nova)
Cream Point Female at 10 months of age
Nova was a big hit at the Rochester N.Y. show on Aug. 20th where she earned 154 grand points at her first show as a champion!! Nova became a grand champion at the Syracuse New York show on Sept. 23rd!! Way to go!!


GC RW Karabel's China Doll
Flame Point Female at 7 months of age
China completed her kitten career as 23rd best allbreed kitten in the Great Lakes Region. We are also pleased to announce that China is now a grand!


GP RW Karabel's Son-of-A Witch
Cream Lynx Point Male at 3 years of age
Congratulations to Sunny and Marg for completing the show season as 14th best allbreed Premier in the Great Lakes Region and second best Himalayan Premier in the Nation!


Here we are (Marg Peppler and myself) at the Brockport show when Sunny became a grand!!!
Way to go Sunny and Marg!!! only took one and a half shows!! Congratulations!!!!!


This was the winning ring which China Doll became a Grand Champion. Judge Loretta Baugh made China Best Allbreed Champion in show!!! What a finish!


Well, a new show season and a new kitty!!
Karabel's Gee Whiz is sure stirring up a "Whiz" at the shows in the new season. He has been highest scoring kitten in show in his first 3 shows!!! What a beginning and what a blast to show this kitten. He does his traditional dance and prance on the judge's table for each and every judge regardless of how tired he is by the end of the day.


Gee Whiz completed his kitten career at the Columbus Ohio show on July 1st as highest scoring kitten in show!!! Way to go Whiz!!


Dreamer at the Rochester NY show on May 3rd.
He was highest scoring cat in show!!


Dreamer and Chris at the Cambridge ON show on May 31st. Dreamer was again "Best Cat" in show!!
Way to go Dreamer!!!

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