Here are pictures of some of our little treasures.

These kittens are not
Kittens pictured on our nursery page are past kittens or kittens that we have kept for our own
breeding program. These kittens are shown only for your enjoyment and they are not available.
Page updated July 27/16



This red tabby male kitten (pictured at 8 weeks) is being offered to a loving pet home. Our "available page is having technical difficulties so we are offering him for sale on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest. Our email is, or you can call us at 905-648-2857

Introducing Karabel Hulla Hulla Hoop, Tortie Point Exotic Shorthair kitten

Seal Lynx Point exotic shorthair male kitten out of GC, RW Karabel's Jeepers Creepers

Show quality littermate kittens. Cream point male exotic shorthair and his sister a flame lynx point exotic short hair.
These kittens both have navy blue eyes and we are very excited about their show potential. The female is staying.

Stunning seal point male kitten! He will be staying! Picture taken Oct 27/15.

Adorable Tortie Lynx Point kitten at 11 weeks of age.
This little show stopper is too cute for words!!

Cream Point Male @ 9 weeks
Sire: GC JKZoo DJ Venture
Dam: CH Karabel's Candy Kisses

12 week old cream point male kitten out of Heavenly Bliss and Splendido!

Blue Point Male kitten at 12 weeks of age.
Sire: GC JKZoo DJ Venture of Laureden
Dam: GC Karabel's Bibiddi Bobiddi Blue

Stunning blue lynx point male (photo @ 4 months of age)
Sire: GC JKZoo DJ Venture of Laureden
Dam: GC Karabel's Bibiddi Bobiddi Blue
This long hair exotic will be available later to a show home. He has everything going for him (except a short coat). His head is perfectly round and smooth in all directions, his eyes are round and wide spaced with excellent colour coming in. Ears are small and well placed. His body is short and cobby with a short tail. He has magnificant color which is clear of any shading, pure off white with soft delicate point color. His qualities would be an asset to any pointed exotic program.

Red Tabby Male kitten at 6 weeks of age. This kitten is not available at this time. He is a repeat breeding of Karabel Get This Party Started.

Very cute Blue CPC Exotic female at 3 1/2 months of age.
Cinnamon Girl and My Guy
She is not available at this time.

Introducing Karabel's Candy Kisses
Cinnamon Girl and My Guy
Blue cream point exotic @ 4 months of age

Here is a cutie blue point male kitten, only 7 weeks old. His name is Abracadabra and he is just as sweet as his mom Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue!!

Pretty Pretty Please
Seal Point Female at 7 weeks of age.
This kitten is not available!

Bluecream point @ 7 weeks.
CH Loralyn's Dream Maker of Karabel x
GC Karabel's Pocket Full-of-Sunshine
Sold to Judy Dunkin

Gretta (at 10 weeks)
Karabel's No Regrets
Sire: CH Karabel's Smooth Operator
Dam: CH Karabel's Sapphire

Introducing Karabel's Lola
Tortie Point @ 3 1/2 months
Lola is out of our National Winner Heavenly Bliss and Loralyn's Dream Maker
Lola will be making her show debut soon!!

Introducing our little jewel:
Karabel My Jewel
Seal Point Exotic @ 7 weeks of age
This girl has clarity of coat with no shading
Combine that with a perfect round domed head and those big deep blue eyes and she sure lives up to her name!!

Karabel's Dolly Madison
Tortie Lynx Point Exotic
Photo taken at 12 weeks
Sire: GC RW Kittystone's Nico
Dam: GC Karabel's Miss Scarlett of Peppurrz

Karabel's Heartbreaker
Flame Point Male @ 3 months of age
Heartbreaker will be staying with Karabel Cattery

Our very first color-pointed exotic shorthair!!
Adorable tortie point at 6 weeks. This little bundle of joy is staying!
We have decided to call her Karabel's Joyride to match her personality!
Sire: GC Kittystone Nico
Dam: GC Karabel's Illusion (aka Nova)

A new little bundle of fur! This adorable little girl is staying!
Bluecream Point @ 11 1/2 weeks
Dam: GC Karabel's Pixie Dust
Sire: Mypalspurr Skylar of Karabel

Karabel's Heavenly Bliss
7 week old cream point female
GC Karabel's Jack Flash x GC Karabel's Illusion
This gorgeous kitten is staying with Karabel Cattery!
She is not available!

8 week old cream point female.
GC Loralyn's Bebop Jazz x Ch Karabel's ChaCha

Karabel's Candy Man - Seal Point Male @ 6 weeks of age (pictured below at 3 weeks) - Now lovingly owned by Bozsik Albertne and living in Hungary. See updated pictures on my adopted page.

Well here she is at only 6 weeks of age...pictured below at 3 weeks! Tortie point....Karabel's Secret Kiss.....Staying!!

Aren't these the cutest little things you've ever seen?? First litter out of GC Karabel's Inkling....IN CANADA!!
We have 3 females .... a tortie point, a seal lynx point and a black cpc and one seal point male.

Karabel's Stardust
Flame Lynx Point Female
Now 3 months old!

Two week old babies!!
Dam: Ch Karabel's Indigo
Sire: GC Karabel's Que Cera Cera

Karabel's Hocus Pocus
Seal Lynx Point Male at 16 weeks
Sire: GC Karabel's Que Cera Cera
Dam: Ch Karabel's Sheeza Babe
This darling baby was pretty much an ugly duckling when he was born and then
magically one day he turned into a beautiful swan!! Hence the name Hocus Pocus!!
He is not for sale!

Adorable littermates out of GC Karabel's Que Cera Cera (George) and Ch Karabel's Sheeza Babe
Photo at 12 weeks of age!
On the left is Karabel's Hocus Pocus, a seal lynx point male
On the right is Karabel's Imagine, a brown patched mackerel tabby female

Karabel's Mercy Me! Photo taken January 8th at almost 4 months of age!

Karabel's Mercy Me!
Seal Point Male at 3 1/2 months of age.
Sire: GC RW Rainbo Point Rags2Riches of Karabel
Dam: Karabel's Tabitha
This is our baby and we are so excited about him!
Pictured below at 2 weeks of age.

Mercy Me!
Seal point baby at 2 weeks of age.
This gorgeous baby is staying with us!!!

Three gorgeous cpc females at 8 weeks of age!
These babies are too cute for words!
Sire: GC Karabel's Que Cera Cera
Dam: Ch Karabel's Sheeza Babe

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