Pictured above is a very special girl,
"Karabel's Snow Princess"
Cream Point Himalayan.

On our Grands page are some of our cats which not only are a "Tribute" to this magnificant breed but also essential in developing the Karabel look of today. These cats are in loving pet homes, spayed and neutered, long retired and living the life of leisure as all cats should!


GC Karabel's Cloud Nine

Flame Point Female


GC Karabel's Angel in the Morning

Blue Point Female


GC Karabel's Venus In Blue Jeans

Blue Point Female


GC Karabel's Crazy For You

Cream Point Male


GC Karabel's Easy Lover

Cream Point Male


GC Karabel's Remember Me of Cumcme

Blue Point Male


This little "star" shone only so briefly but her light was bright and her stay with us was so treasured. We truly thank Marg Peppler for making this stay so happy, and giving her so much fun and love during this brief time with us.

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